About Denator

Based on their proprietary heat stabilization technology, Denator AB develops, markets and sells instruments and consumables to address needs in the life science and clinical research markets.

The company's products enable scientists to stabilize biological samples, such as tissue sections or cellular biopsies, from the moment of sampling. Normal degradation processes are stopped instantaneously and permanently, preventing the distortion of subsequent analytical results and so revealing the true in vivo status of every sample.

Since the introduction of the company's Stabilizorâ„¢ system, the scientific community has indicated a growing awareness of heat-stabilization as a process that ensures meaningful, high quality results in downstream analysis. Independent, peer-reviewed publications have demonstrated the ability not only to reveal in vivo profiles, but also to identify novel biological molecules that would previously have been lost due to rapid degradation. Such information is of particular significance for areas such as neuroscience and proteomics research where short-lived molecules and potential biomarkers need to be confidently identified to elucidate disease mechanisms and identify potential drug targets or disease markers.

Established in 2004, the company has its headquarters at the Uppsala Science Park, Sweden. Denator also has an US incorporation with presence in Boston and San Diego. Products are sold directly in major markets such as North America and Europe and through a growing network of carefully selected distributors.