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Assessing the use of thermal treatment to preserve the intact proteomes of post-mortem heart and brain tissue, AA. Robinson et al. Proteomics., 2009 Oct;9(19):4433-44.

- Increase of high molecular weight spots
- Decrease of low molecular weight spots
- Identification by MS shows less protein degradation

"Overall, heat stabilization of brain tissue appears to have beneficial effects on protein stabilization during sample preparation with preservation of high-molecular-weight proteins and reduction in protein fragmentation."

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Used together with the Stabilizor™ system, the Stabilizor™ 2D-GE Extraction Kit (Tissue) maximizes the recovery of proteins from heat-stabilized tissue to obtain a representative picture of protein states at the moment of sampling. The kit contains a validated protocol, accessories and solutions needed to homogenize and extract proteins from heat-stabilized prior to 2D-GE analysis.