LC-MS peptidomics

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LC-MS peptidomics

Recommended reading

High Identification Rates of Endogenous Neuropeptides from Mouse Brain. Zhang et al., J Proteome Res. May 2012.11(5):2819-27.

- Increased hydrophobic detection range of endogenous peptides due to mixed on column extraction (MOC) using simultaneous elution of both extraction phases
- Improved identification rate by selecting data acquisition type to correctly match instrumentation and sample content

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Used together with the Stabilizor™ system, the Stabilizor™ Peptide Extraction Kit facilitates differentiation and identification of endogenous peptides from degradative peptide fragments.
The kit contains all necessary accessories and solutions to homogenize and extract endogenous peptides from heat-stabilized tissue prior to LC-MS. A fully tested protocol aims to maximize recovery.