MALDI Imaging

Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) is an analytical technique that enables the study of molecular distribution of small molecules, peptides and proteins within a thin slice of a sample. Thin sections of frozen tissue are thawed onto glass slides and coated with a matrix to enable MS visualization of molecules on the surface of the slice. As the thin section thaws onto the glass slide it is vulnerable to changes in composition of molecules, peptides and proteins. Chemical inhibitors are difficult to apply to the thin sections and may interfere with subsequent steps. Heat stabilization is an ideal pre-treatment of samples intended for MSI and a preferred way to address the problem of enzyme driven change during sample handling and preparation for analysis. MSI on stabilized samples have been shown in a number of studies with good results. In order to perform successful MSI on stabilized samples it is important to follow the suggestions as outlined in the Technical note: Cryosectioning of heat stabilized samples.

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