SDS-PAGE & Western blot

Recommeded protocol

SDS-PAGE & Western blot

Recommended reading

Preserving protein profiles in tissue samples: Different outcomes with and without heat stabilization, M. Ahmed, K. J. Gardiner, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 2011, 196.

- Inactivitaion of a broad range of protein modifying and processing enzymes, including both phosphatases and kinases.
- Permanent stabilization of the sample over time (0-30 min in RT)
- Shorter handling time from removal of the brain from the scull to inactivation of enzymes for heat-stabilized samples compared to snap frozen or freshly prepared samples.

“Quantitation of phospho-proteins in hippocampal lysates shows that heat stabilized levels remain unchanged while frozen tissue levels are decreased with room temperature incubation.”

Read a personal story from Prof. Katheleen Gardiner on how they have benefited from using the Stabilizor system in their research on Down syndrome.

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