What is heat stabilization?

A permanent additive-free technology for fresh or frozen tissue 

Heat stabilization is an additive-free preservation technology for tissue samples which stops degradation and changes immediately and permanently. This ensures a stable sample from the moment of excision until the point of analysis and increases the accuracy and quality of analytical results.

Heat stabilization offers significant advantages over conventional approaches to preventing biological change (see slide-show at top of page). It can be used to replace snap freezing followed by inhibitors, pH changes, organic solvents or cross-linking.

It can also be used with frozen tissue, allowing you to stabilize your currently stored samples.

Compatible with downstream analytical techniques

Heat stabilization can be used for almost any kind of tissue sample, and has been verified to be compatible with many down­stream analytical techniques.

"The Stabilizor system is ideal for all tissue samples that you have stored in the freezer, as you really do preserve the protein profile from whatever state the tissue was in when you put it in the system - you preserve it"
Prof. K. Gardiner, Department of Pediatrics, University of Colorado, US

More information

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