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About Denator

Denator AB is a privately held biotech company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Denator develops and markets products that stabilize biological tissues and fluids from the moment of sampling. Stabilization and standardization of sample treatment significantly enhances the quality of data obtained from analytical techniques used downstream. Based upon the company's proprietary heat-inactivation technology platform, Denator is developing solutions that enable scientists to stop sample degradation instantly and so maintain the stability of sample components throughout analytical workflows.

About Denator products

The Stabilizor system, together with Maintainor sample cards, stops degradation of biological samples from the moment of sampling. Based on proprietary heat-stabilization technology, the Stabilizor system standardizes the sampling process and ensures stability of sample components throughout subsequent analytical workflows to significantly enhance data quality.

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For further information or materials, please contact:
Göran Sörensson, CFO