Stabilizor 2D-GE Extraction Kit

Maximize recovery from tissue samples prior to 2D-GE

Used together with the Stabilizor™ system, the Stabilizor™ 2D-GE Extraction Kit (Tissue) maximizes the recovery of proteins from heat stabilized tissue to obtain a representative picture of protein states at the moment of sampling. The kit contains a validated protocol, accessories and solutions needed to homogenize and extract proteins prior to 2D-GE.

  • Produce high quality samples for consistent 2D-GE analysis
  • Reduce time to results
  • Follow a ready to use, validated protocol - no need for optimization
  • Use standard laboratory equipment

Product specifications:

12 x Maintainor® Tissue cards
1 x Protein Extraction Buffer - Dry component (26 g)
1 x Protein Extraction Buffer - Diluent (25 ml)
3 x Protein Extraction Buffer - DTT Components (23 mg)
36 x pestles for homogenization
36 x tubes for homogenization
Stabilization and extraction protocol
Storage life: 12 months from production date
Storage: +4-8° C degrees

Product information sheet, Stabilizor 2D-GE Extraction Kit (Tissue)

Ordering information

Limitations on use: The Stabilizor system and its consumables are sold for research use only.