Stabilizor Peptide Extraction Kit

Maximize recovery from tissue samples prior to LC-MS

Used together with the Stabilizor™ system, the Stabilizor™ Peptide Extraction Kit facilitates differentiation and identification of endogenous peptides from degradative peptide fragments. The kit contains all necessary accessories and solutions to homogenize and extract endogenous peptides prior to LC-MS. A fully tested protocol aims to maximize recovery.

  • Optimize recovery of water-soluble endogenous peptides
  • Follow a ready to use, validated protocol - no need for optimization
  • Produce high quality samples for consistent LC-MS analysis
  • Reduce time to results
  • Use standard laboratory equipment

Product specifications:

12 x Maintainor® Tissue cards
12 x Spin filters, 10kDa cut-off
Stabilization and extraction protocol
3 x 45 ml Extraction fluid
12 x tubes
Storage life: 12 months from production date
Storage: room temperature

Product information sheet, Stabilizor Peptide Extraction Kit

Ordering information

Limitations on use: The Stabilizor system and its consumables are sold for research use only.