Stabilizor System

The Stabilizor™ T1 is a portable, benchtop instrument that uses rapid conductive heating to preserve biological samples as closely as possible to their in vivo state. Heat stabilization permanently prevents biological changes from the moment of sampling, thereby increasing the accuracy and quality of analytical results.

  • Stops degradation immediately and permanently - without using additives
  • Preserves the molecular information from the moment of sampling throughout the entire analysis workflow
  • Facilitates accurate sample comparison and data interpretation downstream
  • Reduces inter- and intra-sample variation and increases signal-to-noise ratio
  • Compatible with all tissue types, fresh or frozen

Product specifications:

One unit dimension       465 (l) x 306 (w) x 143 (h) mm
Netweight                      6.7 kg
Power requirement        110/220V
Heat effect power          400W
Sample type                  Tissues and fluids
Software                        Four pre-defined sample treatment modes

Ordering information

Product name

Content / Description

Product number

Stabilizor™ T1 InstrumentInstrument for heat stabilization of biological samples. Includes complete Software and Pre-defined methods. Includes remote installation and training by a Denator-certified personnel.
12 months warranty.
DST 0001
Stabilizor™ T1  Start KitIncludes user manual (1), quick guide (1), needle device (1), power cord (1) and USB-stick 2 GB (1).DST 0005
Stabilizor™ T1 Maintenance KitIncludes material to maintain the Stabilizor T1 instrument: needle device (2), o-ring (2), torx key (1) and maintenance manual (1).DST 0016

Limitations on use: The Stabilizor system and its consumables are sold for research use only.