Software update request

We are continuously developing our software for the Stabilizor™ T1 platform to ensure improved functionality, robustness and more applications.The software is backwards compatible and implementable from the instrument serial number 6P15 and forward.

For software update request, please enter your details and the serial number of your Stabilizor instrument below, and we will send the file to you. Serial number available on label next to on/off switch. After receiving the file, please follow the instructions below for a successful update;

  • Copy the program file to the root of a USB STICK. (Check that the file name is DST0001_SPx0xx.jar. Please note that no zip-extension is present)
  • Insert the USB stick in one of the USB Ports (found on the right front side of instrument)
  • Wait until USB SYMBOL is displayed on the screen (5 to 10 sec)
  • Select [OPTIONS] on the main screen.
  • Select [HW/SW REVISION]. Please document the installed version
  • Select [UPDATE]
  • Let the installation and rebooting run, do not turn the instrument off (max. 3 min.). The installation is ready when the instrument returns to initial screen
  • Remove the USB stick
  • Restart the instrument, by SWITCH OFF and ON on the main switch to be sure all parameters are loaded correctly.

The instrument has now been updated with the latest version of the SW.